Gary Thompson

Five miles west of Dripping Springs on Lonesomesage Longhorn Ranch is the inspirational setting where Gary Thompson forges copper and brass into the shapes of native desert plants of the Southwest. Exhibiting his work as Designs by Thompson, Gary captures the unique raw beauty of cactus and yucca in both traditional sculptural forms and as functional lamps, tables, candelabra and wall accents. His designs were once described as “sour in color, deformed in shape and featuring lethal textures.”Gary is self-taught and his early inspiration came from watching his grandfather forge steel in his Central Texas blacksmith shop.
Gary’s “prickly art”, which he’s exhibited since 1972, has won numerous awards including “Best in Metal” at the Rockport Art Festival.  He’s also received the Texas Original (TXO) designation from the State of Texas Commission on the Arts, signifying high–quality, authentic, original work by a Texas artist.