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Sherry Steele

As an artist, conservationist and hunter, Sherry has taken the classic medium of Pen & Ink and revised it with a fresh, bold approach. Self-taught, she is unhindered by traditional approaches to Pen & Ink.  Mixing her own shades of inks, she builds layer upon layer of thousands of tiny strokes to achieve a 3-dimensional […]

Jay Heinrich

Jay’s unique, rarely seen, style of three-dimensional leather art evolves as he transforms a single piece of flat leather into beautiful wall hanging art and sculptures. After taking a class from the originator of the art form he was captivated by the process and incorporated his love of nature into one-of-a-kind works. His work incorporates […]

Katrina Gorman

Katrina Gorman began to develop her artistic skills at an early age with a love of drawing. She gained a new passion  at the age of 9 when she received her first sewing machine on which she became proficient with daily practice. She turned down an art scholarship and received a degree in Early Childhood education. She earned […]

Margaret Drake

Margaret was raised on the western slope of Colorado in a small ranching community.  She now lives on a ranch near Glen Rose, Texas. After retiring from the medical industry, she then went on to study three-dimensional portraiture and figurative sculpture, studying from masters in the field. Her pieces reflect the intimate knowledge she has […]

R. T. Branson

R.T. Branson learned his basic drawing skills and love of art from his father, who died while he was young. His passion for drawing grew while he taught himself the techniques which have given his style of art a unique quality. R.T. has actively participated, since 2002, in the Amado and J.B. Pena Legacy Art […]

Roy & Blanche Cavarretta

Roy & Blanche Cavarretta are a husband and wife team who transform gourds into beautiful objets d’art. Roy’s interest in art started at an early age which led to his earning an art degree from Lamar University. A love of pen & ink drawing eventually became an interest in pyrography and gourd art which has garnered […]

Fred Stockbauer

Fred Stockbauer started cutting stones in the mid 60s after graduating from the University of Texas with a Masters degree. He won several awards for his stone cutting and in a few years began making jewelry using the lost wax process.  Fred’s design skills were sharpened through drawing, oil and watercolor classes at Laguna Gloria […]

Bill Scheidt

Bill Scheidt is a returning Texas Masters Artist. His preferred medium is oil on canvas, and his subject matter includes North American wildlife, the Native American and the life of the cowboy. Largely self-taught, he has studied with Dan Mieduch and John Cox at the Scottsdale Artists School and a number of Cowboy Artists of […]

Jammey Huggins

Born and raised in West Texas, Jammey has had a life-long interest in Western and Native American memorabilia. She tries to portray the culture and history of the Southwest in her sculpture and paintings, imbuing a sense of the mystical spirit of the West and Native America. Her love of the outdoors led her to focus […]

Janice Clark

After taking a class on making metal flowers in 1972, Janice Clark began giving them as gifts while improving her own skills and technique. In 1980, she made her first sales at a museum benefit and after returning to her home state of Texas in 1986, she began the production of her native wildflower collection. Her creations […]

Daryl Howard

This native Texan combines the experiences she has gained in her travels, visiting the ancient cultures of the earth, with traditional woodblock printing techniques she learned in Japan and years of artistic endeavor to produce her award-winning prints and collages. In her studio on a fifty acre ranch near Austin, Daryl painstakingly employs the discipline […]

Roy Brown

Roy Brown has been involved in the Arts for more than 30 years. With a Masters Degree in Fine Art from Southern Methodist University, he has pursued his passion for pottery and its elevation to an art form through a continuous process of past and present influences from his surrounding environment. Roy also works periodically […]

Kathleen Marie Wilson

Kathleen’s unique medium of pyrography is a superb blending of realistic rendering within the abstract character of wood grain. Her technique involves burning natural images into wood with a delicate electric pen. Like a sculptor she sees the pictures and stories in the wood and literally draws them out so we can share her vision. […]

John Maskey

Native Texan John Maskey received his first training at the Hunter School of Art, and later with many nationally prominent artists. His bold use of light and color weave a vibrant tapestry of the life and culture of the region. “The unique character of the land and people of the Southwest is rooted in powerful […]

Edith Maskey

A native San Antonian, Edith Maskey has loved art for as long as she can remember. “Painting is the finest form of expression I know, and is my personal statement about the things around me.” Edith studied 5 years with Warren Hunter of San Antonio, and with many other nationally know painters through the years. […]

Gary Thompson

Five miles west of Dripping Springs on Lonesomesage Longhorn Ranch is the inspirational setting where Gary Thompson forges copper and brass into the shapes of native desert plants of the Southwest. Exhibiting his work as Designs by Thompson, Gary captures the unique raw beauty of cactus and yucca in both traditional sculptural forms and as […]