Dan & Linda Baker | Jewelry

Dan & Linda Baker

Dallas | http://bakercustomjewelry.com

Daniel and Linda Baker exhibited at their first art show in 1974 and have been a fulltime jewelry-making team since August of 1976. They produce jewelry of sterling silver, various gold karats and platinum using lost wax casting and a variety of fabrication techniques, including: granulation, reticulation, and mokume gane. They’ve won many awards in shows throughout the Southwest with their innovative designs which combine Classical and Celtic elements in contemporary settings. Their rings and pendants set with Ancient Greek and Roman coins and shards of glass and pottery have gained a worldwide following. Dan especially enjoys carving gemstones and working with fossilized ammonites in his “Jurassic Classics.”

R. T. Branson | Southwest Contemporary Drawing/Painting

R. T. Branson

San Antonio

R.T. Branson learned his basic drawing skills and love of art from his father, who died while he was young. His passion for drawing grew while he taught himself the techniques which have given his style of art a unique quality. R.T. has actively participated, since 2002, in the Amado and J.B. Pena Legacy Art Foundation auction which benefits underprivileged children. He travels to exhibit in art shows throughout Texas and New Mexico from his home in San Antonio.

Roy Brown | Pottery

Roy Brown


Roy Brown has been involved in the Arts for more than 30 years. With a Masters Degree in Fine Art from Southern Methodist University, he has pursued his passion for pottery and its elevation to an art form through a continuous process of past and present influences from his surrounding environment. Roy also works periodically on a local ranch which allows for clarity and insights into the forces that underlie his creations. An accomplished metalsmith as well as a potter, he expands his artwork to include metal that is hand forged to fit the designs of his pottery. From finials on lids, to bases for his larger platters, Roy searches for the forms that will enhance his work. He divides his time between his family ranch in Ballinger, his studio, Design Origins in Lincoln County, New Mexico and exhibiting at shows throughout the Southwest.

Randy Bryant | Jewelry

Randy Bryant

Midland | http://www.rbryant1jewelry.com/

Randy Bryant has merged his childhood interest in rocks, fossils, Indian artifacts and love of the outdoors with his adult training as a draftsman to shape his professional career. This native Texan excels in creating his “One of a Kind Works of Art” of hand fabricated settings for his personally cut gemstones, including intarsia and inlay. Many of the settings include double and triple overlay, with mixed metals (sterling, 14kt & 18kt gold) employing a variety of texturing methods. He has exhibited his award winning work at juried art shows throughout the Southwest.

Roy & Blanche Cavarretta | Gourd Art

Roy & Blanche Cavarretta

Hallettsville | https://www.facebook.com/Gravel-Road-Arts-637416442961015/

Roy & Blanche Cavarretta are a husband and wife team who transform gourds into beautiful objets d’art. Roy’s interest in art started at an early age which led to his earning an art degree from Lamar University. A love of pen & ink drawing eventually became an interest in pyrography and gourd art which has garnered many awards in gourd association exhibitions and juried art shows. More recently, Blanche became enamored with gourd art herself and began applying her skills to pyrography on gourds.

Their work is featured in galleries in the Southwest and has been recognized for its excellence by their peers in gourd society exhibitions and art shows, including 1st place and best of show awards. They are also members of the American Gourd Society and the Texas Gourd Society.

Janice Clark | Metal Wildflowers

Janice Clark


After taking a class on making metal flowers in 1972, Janice Clark began giving them as gifts while improving her own skills and technique. In 1980, she made her first sales at a museum benefit and after returning to her home state of Texas in 1986, she began the production of her native wildflower collection. Her creations grace the boardroom of the National Wildflower Research Center in Austin as well as the offices of other public figures. Now the botanically accurate flowers, which she cuts out and assembles out of aluminum and hand paints, brighten the lives of the patrons who flock to her exhibitions at juried art shows and sales all over Texas. In 2002 she was awarded best in her category at the Texas Arts and Craft Festival, where she exhibited her sculptured metal flowers for 17 years. She’s excited to be able to return to Kerrville to see her, “many, wonderful customers”. Now Janice and her husband have moved their home to the Hill Country in Fredericksburg, TX where she’ll continue to create her beautiful wildflowers in metal.

Margaret Drake | Sculpture

Margaret Drake

Glen Rose | http://margaretdrakestudio.com/

Margaret was raised on the western slope of Colorado in a small ranching community.  She now lives on a ranch near Glen Rose, Texas. After retiring from the medical industry, she then went on to study three-dimensional portraiture and figurative sculpture, studying from masters in the field. Her pieces reflect the intimate knowledge she has of the human form.

Margaret’s work has been accepted into juried competitions such as Bosque Art Classic,
Sculpture in the Park, and Mountain Oyster Show. Her awards include “Best of Show”
at the Breckenridge Fine Art Show, 2016.

John English | Photography

John English

Abilene | http://www.johnenglishphoto.com/

John has always had an interest in art but decided to try making a living as a professional baseball player in the Houston Astros’ and Colt 45s’ organization. After three baseball seasons a shoulder injury ended his career. While earning his livelihood with an electrical utility company, he developed a passion for photography which led to a business shooting weddings and portraits. His love of nature began to express itself in his photography and John started exhibiting his work in art shows and gaining recognition for his skill and artistry. Among the many first place awards he’s received was “Best in Category” at the 2005 Texas Arts and Crafts Show in Kerrville. Not only does John enjoy sharing his vision of the beauty in nature at art shows but also in publications throughout the country including Texas Highways and Smithsonian Magazine.

Manuel S. Franco | Southwest Painting/Sculpture

Manuel S. Franco

Dumas | http://www.msfranco.com/

Born in Coyame, in the northwest state of Chihuahua, Mexico, Manuel’s academic training was as a mining engineer. After several years, Manuel left mining to pursue his love of art. His early artistic inspiration came from his mother, who worked with ground glass, creating images similar to sand paintings. His choice of subject matter ranges from Southwestern, Western, wildlife, portraiture, Native American and still life, rendered in oil, pencil, pastel, bronze or watercolor. Each piece is characterized by the fine detail for which he’s become recognized. After more than thirty years of exhibiting, Manuel’s work has become popular throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Katrina Gorman | Textiles

Katrina Gorman

San Antonio | http://katrinagormandesigns.com/

Katrina Gorman began to develop her artistic skills at an early age with a love of drawing. She gained a new passion  at the age of 9 when she received her first sewing machine on which she became proficient with daily practice. She turned down an art scholarship and received a degree in Early Childhood education. She earned a living for a while by teaching and then was employed in the insurance industry for 10 years before finding her way back to the Arts.

In 2009, she merged her two interests, embarking on a professional career in Textile Design Art. Today, this San Antonio resident pursues her chosen medium full-time and  markets her quilts, wall hangings, and other textile products in galleries and art exhibitions.

Jay Heinrich | Leather Art

Jay Heinrich

Hillsboro | https://www.fineleatherartwork.com/

Jay’s unique, rarely seen, style of three-dimensional leather art evolves as he transforms a single piece of flat leather into beautiful wall hanging art and sculptures. After taking a class from the originator of the art form he was captivated by the process and incorporated his love of nature into one-of-a-kind works. His work incorporates several techniques he has developed over his 15 years of creating pieces that represent the “soul” of the west. These mostly self taught skills and techniques have led to show winning awards in several states including “Best of Show” in the fine arts category at the Colorado State Fair.

Daryl Howard | Woodblock Print Making and Mixed Media

Daryl Howard

Austin | http://darylhoward.com/

This native Texan combines the experiences she has gained in her travels, visiting the ancient cultures of the earth, with traditional woodblock printing techniques she learned in Japan and years of artistic endeavor to produce her award-winning prints and collages. In her studio on a fifty acre ranch near Austin, Daryl painstakingly employs the discipline of woodblock printing on handmade mulberry paper which she embosses with her signature in 22Kt gold, silver or copper leaf. Her artistic vision takes flight in the mixed media collages constructed on metallic-leafed board from pieces of paper, print fragments, gemstones and earth pigments. As she says,”The technique of woodblock printmaking is part of my soul. After forty years of sketching, carving and printing, I am still as excited as I was when I pulled my first print with Hodaka Yoshida in Tokyo.” A true “Texas Master”, Daryl Howard adds a special dimension to every exhibition in which she participates. 

Jammey Huggins | Southwest Painting/Sculpture

Jammey Huggins

Seminole | http://www.jammey.com/

Born and raised in West Texas, Jammey has had a life-long interest in Western and Native American memorabilia. She tries to portray the culture and history of the Southwest in her sculpture and paintings, imbuing a sense of the mystical spirit of the West and Native America. Her love of the outdoors led her to focus on animal and plant life in the natural world, trying to capture the spirit of life and emotion as well as its physical power and sensual form  in her works.  Her bronze “Full Circle” won Best of Show at the American Plains Artists Show and is displayed in the Ellen Noel Art Museum. Jammey holds a degree in art from Texas Tech University, with graduate studies at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin and Manhattan College.

Benito Loera | Mesquite Furniture & Boxes

Benito Loera

San Marcos | http://www.mesquiteboxes.com/

After 25 years in residential construction, Benito Loera decided on a change in lifestyle. In 1998, he pursued his life-long dream of designing furniture as a career. With the help of his son, Daniel, he started to build small furniture such as cedar chests and coffee tables. As his business grew, he began to concentrate on working with natural mesquite — including the worm holes, bark inclusions and burls in his designs. With the help of his wife, Doris, and Daniel, he started filling some of the cavities of the wood with gemstone material, including turquoise and lapis lazuli. Now his award-winning product line has grown to include aromatic cedar chests, inlaid tables, jewelry and jewelry boxes, pool tables and much more.

Edith Maskey | Southwest Painting

Edith Maskey

Comfort | http://theadobefineart.com/Edith%20&%20John%20Maskey.html

A native San Antonian, Edith Maskey has loved art for as long as she can remember. “Painting is the finest form of expression I know, and is my personal statement about the things around me.”
Edith studied 5 years with Warren Hunter of San Antonio, and with many other nationally know painters through the years. Her work is characterized by a love of color and exuberance of expression.  Although her subject matter is highly varied, Mexico, Texana and  people bear a special preference.  Her work has been the subject of feature articles in Southwest Art, Art Voices, American Artist and Texas Magazine.

John Maskey | Southwest Painting

John Maskey

Comfort | http://theadobefineart.com/Edith%20&%20John%20Maskey.html

Native Texan John Maskey received his first training at the Hunter School of Art, and later with many nationally prominent artists. His bold use of light and color weave a vibrant tapestry of the life and culture of the region. “The unique character of the land and people of the Southwest is rooted in powerful traditions.  The blending of cultures, rugged landscape and classically simple architecture are timeless.” John paints what he knows and loves best – the colorful history, romance and flavor of Texas, Mexico, and the Southwest.
Maskey’s work has been the subject of feature articles in Southwest Art, Art Voices, American Artist and other publications. His work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Western Art and other prominent collections.

Steven Napper | Pastels & Oils

Steven Napper

Odessa | http://www.napperfineart.com/

The vivid color of Steve Napper’s pastel paintings is so intense that it awakens the sense memories of the smells and sounds of the scenes he represents. This West Texas native began his career as a commercial artist in Los Angeles after receiving his BA and MA of Fine Arts at West Texas State University. Eventually he returned to Texas where, for the last 36 years, he’s been building an international reputation as a master artist and teacher of pastels and other media as well.

Dedication, love and talent has led Steven to be recognized over the past 40 plus years
with both awards and membership in many of the most prestigious art organizations in America,
in addition, both PBS and CBS have done features on his creations.

Bill Scheidt | Western Oil Painting

Bill Scheidt


Bill Scheidt is a returning Texas Masters Artist. His preferred medium is oil on canvas, and his subject matter includes North American wildlife, the Native American and the life of the cowboy. Largely self-taught, he has studied with Dan Mieduch and John Cox at the Scottsdale Artists School and a number of Cowboy Artists of America workshops. Bill’s work has appeared in national magazines and he has contributed many works to charitable organizations. Some of his Native American images have been used nationwide as a fund raising effort for the non-profit organization, “Running Strong for American Indian Youth”.  He has received numerous awards including awards at The Mountain Oyster Show, The Phippen Western Art Show, The Peppertree Art Show, and he is a signature member of the American Plains Artists and the Texas Wild Bunch Professional Artists.

Sherry Steele | Drawing/Pen and Ink

Sherry Steele

Austin | http://www.sherrysteele.net/

As an artist, conservationist and hunter, Sherry has taken the classic medium of Pen & Ink and revised it with a fresh, bold approach. Self-taught, she is unhindered by traditional approaches to Pen & Ink.  Mixing her own shades of inks, she builds layer upon layer of thousands of tiny strokes to achieve a 3-dimensional quality.  Distinctive in its austerity and astonishing in its complexity, she shows the incredible textures of Nature in a fine balance of detail and drama.  But, what will always entice you first about Sherry’s work will be the secrets reflected in the eyes of the creatures who shared themselves with her.

Denise and Diana Steinhagen | Jewelry

Denise and Diana Steinhagen

San Marcos | https://www.facebook.com/SteinhagenMetalsmiths

After years of pursuing jewelry making as a hobby and studying the work of other jewelers, getting laid off from their jobs almost simultaneously launched the professional jewelry careers of these sisters. One can tell from their finished product that the San Marcos artists are still having fun and a growing customer base will attest to the quality of their craftsmanship. Working independently, they use a wide variety of stones and techniques to create a fresh style of their own. “Our designs vary widely…so customers can usually find something that appeals to their tastes – especially if they like large jewelry that makes a statement.”

Fred Stockbauer | Jewelry

Fred Stockbauer

Wimberley | http://www.fredstockbauer.com/

Fred Stockbauer started cutting stones in the mid 60s after graduating from the University of Texas with a Masters degree. He won several awards for his stone cutting and in a few years began making jewelry using the lost wax process.  Fred’s design skills were sharpened through drawing, oil and watercolor classes at Laguna Gloria Art Museum, but for the most part is self-taught.

Over the years, he has won numerous awards in art shows in Texas and New Mexico including the Texas Arts & Crafts Festival and Ruidoso Art Fair for his work.  Fred  now resides in Wimberley where he has a showroom.


Gary Thompson | Metalwork

Gary Thompson

Dripping Springs | http://lonesomesage.com/

Five miles west of Dripping Springs on Lonesomesage Longhorn Ranch is the inspirational setting where Gary Thompson forges copper and brass into the shapes of native desert plants of the Southwest. Exhibiting his work as Designs by Thompson, Gary captures the unique raw beauty of cactus and yucca in both traditional sculptural forms and as functional lamps, tables, candelabra and wall accents. His designs were once described as “sour in color, deformed in shape and featuring lethal textures.”Gary is self-taught and his early inspiration came from watching his grandfather forge steel in his Central Texas blacksmith shop.
Gary’s “prickly art”, which he’s exhibited since 1972, has won numerous awards including “Best in Metal” at the Rockport Art Festival.  He’s also received the Texas Original (TXO) designation from the State of Texas Commission on the Arts, signifying high–quality, authentic, original work by a Texas artist.

Kathleen Marie Wilson | Pyrography/Painting

Kathleen Marie Wilson

Johnson City | http://www.kathleenmariestudio.com/

Kathleen’s unique medium of pyrography is a superb blending of realistic rendering within the abstract character of wood grain. Her technique involves burning natural images into wood with a delicate electric pen. Like a sculptor she sees the pictures and stories in the wood and literally draws them out so we can share her vision.
Although she began to develop her signature technique as a child, Kathleen started her art career in 1979 as a traditional artist, but her fascination with woodburning led her to carve out her own niche. Her early pieces were warmly received by viewers, which prompted her to complete the transition into pyrography.